Create your photography dream team

Southwest Florida’s best photography artists have come together in one photography studio. Select from our photographers, editors and designers to create your photo dream team.

A group of creative individuals work together on each Jennifer Angeloro Photography shoot. We speak with the client to determine their tastes, preferences and vision. We then pair artistic professionals together to photograph, edit and design each event based on the unique client.

Collaborative artists work together on each shoot

“A jack of all trades is master at none.” – At Jennifer Angeloro Photography we really take this philosophy to heart.

Each imaging professional brings a unique creative talent and artistic vision. No one individual is the best at each part of the creative process. When you create a team of artists for each shoot you are able to offer the client a better product.

A collective of talented imaging professionals

Jennifer has always surrounded herself with other creative professionals. Many of her best friends are designers, photographers, artists and crafts people. Jennifer Angeloro Photography is the realization of her dream to bring together a group of these creative individuals under one company.

One thing shared by everyone at Jennifer Angeloro Photography is a fire for creative image making. Simply put; we love photography. Pushing ourselves to create that magical image or story is our passion.

Customized approach to each shoot

Every client we work with is unique, and every shot that we take is unlike the last. We take a contemporary and artistic approach to photography. Our images are a blend of photojournalism, fashion and portraiture. Each session is custom tailored and the client selects the photographer that best matches their personality and style.

We immerse ourselves in each event, anticipating and reacting, capturing our subjects in a manner that makes them look their best. This highly personalized approach is a style that our clients love and we enjoy creating. We work with you to suggest beautiful locations and lighting without forcing stiff and unnatural poses.

Creativity, multiple viewpoints and experience come together to create an incomparable photographic experience. The resulting images are positively inspiring.