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The Next Big Milestone

Many of our newborn photography clients actually started off as previous wedding or maternity clients, and then returned to us for the next big milestone in their lives for portraits of their newborn baby. In addition, many of our newborn photography clients were referred to us through friends of theirs that were previous wedding, maternity portrait, newborn portrait, or family portrait clients. Our clients come back to us for each of their milestone events because they know they will have an amazing experience, great interaction, and amazing professional and artistic portraits.

With a variety of backdrops and various lighting to choose from, we highly recommend our photography studio for our clients’ newborn photography session. We can create an array of artistic portraits with the diversity of background and lighting combination options. The controlled environment and lighting allows for the best images possible. In addition to our photography studio, another location option is the client’s home. The client’s home provides a natural setting for the newborn photography images. We would not recommend the beach for newborn photography however, because the sand, wind, and heat would not be the best for the newborn baby.

When to Schedule Your Session

For newborn photography, we recommend that newborn baby portraits be taken within the first week of the baby’s life. Because babies change and grow quickly, the “newborn” look doesn’t last very long. Taking the portraits within the first week of the baby’s life allows us to truly take a “newborn” portrait. We recommend that the newborn portraits take place when the newborn baby is usually content or at his best, such as right after a feeding or a nap. We realize with newborns you can’t always predict when they will be content or awake. So don’t worry, we know how to work well with them and take amazing portraits regardless of whether they are asleep or awake, happy or fussy!

In addition to a variety of creative, artistic, and natural poses with just the newborn baby, we also take a variety of photographs with the newborn baby and the mother and father. Newborn photography images with either the mother or father or both, make beautiful artistic and classic images. Pictures of mom and dad holding and loving their newborn baby are priceless. Some clients even have their newborn baby posed with an older sibling for their newborn photography images. Capturing the love and pride an older sibling has for their newborn brother or sister into images that will last forever is also priceless.

For newborn photography images, we recommend that the newborn baby wear simple outfits so as not to distract from their wonderful newborn baby features. Many of the images will be taken with their clothes off so the images can focus on their newborn baby features – their soft skin, their newborn wrinkles, their little hands and fingers, and their little feet and toes. If mom, dad or a sibling is having their picture taken with the newborn baby, we recommend that their outfits also be simple. Plain colors such as all black outfits are best for artistic newborn photography images.

After their newborn photography images are taken within the first week of the baby’s life, we recommend that the baby’s next photo sessions be at 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and each year following. This timeline allows parents to be sure to have images of every step of their child’s life. Babies change and grow up so quickly…it’s so important to have these beautiful images that will last forever.

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