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Sanibel Island Lighthouse Family Portraits

We love photographing at the Sanibel lighthouse beach. The lighthouse Beach Park is located at the East end of the island and provides many areas of green foliage, natural walkways, that soaring 98 foot lighthouse and even large areas of uprooted driftwood that make beautiful backdrops to any photograph. This area of Sanibel Island has a very untouched and natural feel. The whole Yanik family came down to beautiful South West Florida just in time for the start of our cooler Fall weather, so in a sense it was still a comfortable 75 degrees!

This Family portrait session was shot just before sunset. With an evening session we recommend booking an hour before sunset. You’re sure to get the best of both worlds in one session- Light & airy soft lit photos, then your vivid saturated sunset shots.

Simple clothing patterns and soft hues truly portrayed this session in print as it was in person, easy going and as quiescent as the ocean itself. The family color choices’ balanced well with their surroundings. We get asked a lot about what to wear, our biggest suggestion is to harmonize your choice of colors. However don’t be afraid of patterns altogether. Layers, even if just various clothing materials and simple patterns on one or two people in a large group can make a great focal point that the other pieces should pull from. Most importantly be comfortable in what you choose!

Our photographer ended the evening with this gorgeous glowing horizon found by just a quick walk around the tip of the island. It truly is paradise!
To learn more about our product and pricing, or if we can assist you in setting up a portrait session, please give our studio a call at 239-357-6292. We look forward hearing from you!
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Bonita Beach Family Portrait

Meet the Theuninck family who we had the pleasure of photographing on Bonita Beach. It was a gorgeous Florida Summer evening during the golden hour. Just like the sunset the Theuninck family was radiant, an absolute blast to work with. The children loved the thought of running through the waves which we saved for the end of the shoot of course! The expression on their faces were irreplaceable. Our studio specializes in beach photography in a fun, artistic approach. November is a busy month for family portraits, they make wonderful gifts for family and friends and lets not forgot those holiday cards you’ll be sending out! If interested in setting up your own family portrait session please contact our studio. We’d love to hear from you!